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Refrigerator Manufacturers Country

Refrigerator Manufacturers Country Of Origin

Looking for Refrigerator Manufacturer, Refrigerator Brands and Refrigerator Companies, Use High Quality LED Lamps for your Refrigerator and Fridge home appliances.

Refrigerator brands by country

Chinese Refrigerator Brands

Here’s the list of the most popular Chinese Refrigerator Manufacturers: AvantiAVEXFridgemasterGeneral ElectricGinzzuGraudeHaierFisher & PaykelHibergHisenseRonshen, Combine, KelonHotpointJackysMAUNFELD, MideaToshibaHiaomiTeslerSWANStatesmanDanby

Korean Refrigerators Brands

Korean Refrigerator Manufacturers: LG, SamsungDaewoo

German Refrigerator Brands

German Refrigerator Manufacturers: BoschAEGGaggenauLiebherrMieleNeffSiemensTeka

US Refrigerator Brands

US Refrigerator Manufacturers: AmanaFrigidaireConsul bar @ drinkstuff, Whirlpool, owns the brands Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Gladiator GarageWorks, Inglis, Estate, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Ignis, IndesitBauknecht.

UK Refrigerator Brands

UK Refrigerator Manufacturers: StatesmanCookologyCDA Products

Turkish Refrigerator Brands

Turkish Refrigerator Manufacturers: BekoBlombergJackysGrundigLeisureSchaub LorenzSinboVestelVestfrostSchaub Lorenz

Italian Refrigerator Brands

Italian Refrigerator Manufacturers: CandyAristonHooverHotpoint-AristonIndesitScholtès, Stinol, Termogamma, LofraSchaub LorenzBertazzoni

Russian Refrigerator Brands

Russian Refrigerator Manufacturers: Zigmund & ShtainTeslerStinolSnaigeShivakiAVEX 

Japanese Fridge Brands

Japanese Refrigerator Manufacturers: SharpMitsubishi

Swedish Refrigerator Brands

Swedish Refrigerator Manufacturers: Electrolux, as well as other brands owned by Electrolux, AEG, Atlas (Denmark), Corberó (Spain), Elektro Helios, Faure, French, Lehel, Hungary, Marynen / Marijnen, Nether, Parkinson Cowanlands, (United Kingdom), Progress, Europe, REX-Electrolux, Italian, Rosenlew, Scandinavian countries, Samus, Romanian, Voss, Denmark, Zanussi, Italian, Zoppas

  • North America – Anova Applied Electronics, Inc., Electrolux ICON, Eureka, American until 2016, now belongs to Midea China, Frigidaire, Gibson, Philco, only household appliances, Sanitaire commercial product, Tappan, White-Westinghouse. 

  • Australia and Oceania – Dishlex, Australia, Kelvinator Australia, Simpson Australia, Westinghouse Australia under license from Westinghouse Electric Corp.

  • Latin America – Fensa, Gafa, Mademsa, Prosdócimo, Somela. 

  • Middle East – King Israeli, Olympic Group Egypt

Refrigerator Brands Brief Review

Given that there are too many fridge brands, we can’t talk about each one in detail, so we decided to make up that brief, just to give you some basic understanding of refrigerator manufacturers. All brands are given in alphabetic order, but you also can use F3 search on a page to get straight to the brand you were looking for.

  • AEG – German company owned by Electrolux, manufactures refrigerators in Eastern Europe.

  • Amica – Brand of the Polish company Amica, manufactures refrigerators in Poland by promoting the brand in the Eastern European markets under the Hansa brand, trying to enter the Western European markets with the Amica brand.

  • Amana – The US company that was acquired by Maytag back in 2002, the part of the Whirlpool concern.

  • Asco – A Swedish company owned by Gorenje refrigerators, produced in Slovenia.

  • Ascoli – The brand is registered in Italy, but Italians never heard about that brand. Sounds weird? Just because Ascoli appliances are manufactured in China and their key market is Russia.

  • Ariston – The brand belongs to the Italian company Indesit. In turn, 65% of Indesit shares are owned by Whirlpool. Ariston refrigerators are produced in factories in Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, and Turkey.

  • Avanti – The company’s controlling shareholder is GenCap America. Avanti refrigerators are manufactured by different Chinese companies but still use the Avanti brand.

  • AVEX – A Russian brand that manufactures its appliances (including refrigerators) at different Chinese factories.

  • Bauknecht – The German company owned by Whirlpool, it manufactures various household appliances. Refrigerators under this brand are manufactured in Italy and Poland and all refrigerators are designed and manufactured by Whirpool, Bauknecht is engaged only in marketing and service control through an outsourcing system.

  • Beko – The Turkish company that manufactures home appliances, factories are located in Turkey.

  • Bertazzoni – The Italian family-owned company produces kitchen appliances including refrigerators. Refrigerator assembly plants are located in Italy.

  • Bosch – The German company that produces various home appliances including refrigerators. The company doesn’t produce a large number of models, compared with other ones, but the quality of refrigerators is quite high. Constantly introduces new models, so it always keeps them on time. Refrigerator plants are located in Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, India, Peru, China, and the US.

  • Braun – The German company, but it doesn’t manufacture refrigerators. However, there are refrigerators under that brand in Russia. The manufacturer of Russian Braun is Kaliningrad company LLC Astron, it started making refrigerators back in 2018, the same company makes home appliances under the Shivaki brand. According to the conformity certificate, the real Braun brand has a logo with a large B. Astron supplies its refrigerators primarily to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The company is using components supplied from China and Turkey. Note, the Braun fridges have nothing to do with the German brand.

  • Britannia – Is a trademark owned by the GlenDimplex. That’s an Irish company that purchased with the Britannia Living Appliances back in 2013. Operates worldwide.

  • Candy – The Italian company that offers a lot of home appliances, including refrigerators. Candy also owns the brands Hoover, Iberna, Jinling, Hoover-Otsein, Rosieres, Susler, Vyatka, Zerowatt, Gasfire, and Baumatic. It sells home appliances in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America. Factories are located in Italy, Latin America, and China.

  • CDA Products – A British company that became a part of Amica Group PLC back in 2015. It manufactures refrigerators in Poland and Britain, but some of the components are produced by third-party manufacturers.

  • Cookology – The brand is owned by store. Their refrigerators and other home appliances are actively promoted on Amazon and other online stores.

  • Danby – A Canadian company that sells various home appliances. Originally made in China.

  • Daewoo – Originally the Daewoo was one of the leading Korean companies, but it went bankrupt in 1999. The company went bankrupt and its trademark was passed to creditors. In 2013 the brand was a part of DB Group and was acquired by the Dayou Group in 2018. Currently, under the Daewoo brand are presented various home appliances, including refrigerators.

  • Defy – The company from South Africa that produces various home appliances, including refrigerators. The key market is primarily Africa. The company has been acquired by the Turkish Arçelik Group back in 2011. The company has attempted to supply appliances to the EU, but after Arçelik’s acquisition, it stopped such attempts.

  • bar @ drinkstuff – This is a company that sells various home appliances, including refrigerators. Bar @ drinkstuff has a registered trademark, but appliances are made by third-party manufacturers (but under bar @ drinkstuff brand).

  • Blomberg – This is a trademark of the Turkish company Arçelik that also owns brands Beko, Grundig, Dawlance, Altus, Blomberg, Arctic, Defy, Leisure, Arstil, Elektra Bregenz, Flavel, by the way, it positions itself as a German brand. Refrigerators are manufactured in Turkey, Romania, Russia, South Africa, and Thailand.

  • Electrolux – Is a Swedish company that has been actively expanding over the overseas markets since the beginning of the 1960s, actively merging with other companies. Nowadays, Electrolux owns a wide pool of home appliances and refrigerators brands. European Electrolux refrigerators trademarks – AEG, Atlas (Denmark), Corberó (Spain), Elektro Helios, Faure, French, Lehel, Hungary, Marynen / Marijnen, Nether, Parkinson Cowanlands, (United Kingdom), Progress, Europe, REX-Electrolux, Italian, Rosenlew. Scandinavian countries: Samus, Romanian, Voss, Denmark, Zanussi, Italian, Zoppas, ItalianNorth America – Anova Applied Electronics, Inc., Electrolux ICON, Eureka, American until 2016, now belongs to Midea China, Frigidaire, Gibson, Philco, only household appliances, Sanitaire commercial product, Tappan, White-Westinghouse. Australia and Oceania: Dishlex, Australia, Kelvinator Australia, Simpson Australia, Westinghouse Australia under license from Westinghouse Electric Corp. Latin America – Fensa, Gafa, Mademsa, Prosdócimo, Somela. Middle East: King Israeli, Olympic Group Egypt. Electrolux factories are located in Europe, China, Latin America and Asia.

  • Electra – The brand is owned by the Israeli company Electra Consumer Products that produces home appliances, including refrigerators. There is also a similar company in Bangladesh and it also manufactures refrigerators.

  • ElectrIQ – The brand is promoted in the UK with sales through Amazon and online stores. Refrigerators are manufactured by unknown third-party manufacturers.

  • Emerson – The brand belongs to the company Emerson Radio, which nowadays doesn’t manufacture goods itself. The right to manufacture home appliances under the Emerson brand is currently sold to The right to produce goods under the Emerson brand is sold to various companies. But the owner of the brand Emerson Radio continues to develop new product lines.

  • Fisher & Paykel – The New Zealand company, a subsidiary of the Chinese Haier since 2012. Keeps on producing the home appliances.

  • Frigidaire – The American company that produces refrigerators and is a subsidiary of Electrolux. Its factories are located in the US, as well as in other countries.

  • Fridgemaster – A British brand of refrigerators that was acquired by Chinese Hisense back in 2012. Note, that since 2000 Fridgemaster refrigerators were made in Hisense factories.

  • Gaggenau – A German company that was acquired by Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate back in 1998. Refrigerators are made in France and Germany.

  • Gorenje – Slovenian company offering home appliances, 13% of the company share belongs to Panasonic. The target market for Gorenje refrigerators is Europe. Factories are located mainly in Slovenia and Serbia. Gorenje also owns the Mora, Atag, Pelgrim, Etna and Körting brands.

  • General Electric – In 2016 GE home appliances bussiness was acquired by Haier and keeps on offering refrigerators in the United States.

  • Ginzzu – Hong Kong company that offers refrigerators. Its factories are located in China and Taiwan.

  • Graude – The brand is positioned as a German brand, refrigerators under Graude label are sold mainly in Russia. By the way, the brand is almost unknown in Germany, because its key market is in Eastern Europe. The refrigerators are made in China.

  • Haier – A Chinese company that produces refrigerators both under its own brand as well as General Electric, Fisher & Paykel. Haier has a worldwide factory presence. For example, for the NA market refrigerators are made in the US Haier factory and the GE plant. Also, the company has plants producing home appliances in China, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa.

  • Hansa – A separate brand of the Polish company Amica that makes refrigerators in Poland and promotes the brand upon Eastern European markets and Russia. The company is trying to enter the Western European markets with its appliances as well.

  • Hiberg – Russian brand of home appliances, including refrigerators. Hiberg offers appliances manufacturing in Chinese plants, but use its own brand for marketing activities.

  • Hisense – A Chinese company that also owns the brand Ronshen, Combine, Kelon. It has 13 factories in China, as well as in Hungary, South Africa, Egypt, and Slovenia.

  • Hitachi – A Japanese company that produces home appliances, refrigerators are made in Japan and Singapore (for the Japanese market) and in Thailand (for other countries).

  • Hoover – A brand owned by Candy that sells home appliances in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. Factories are located in Europe, Italy, Latin America, and China.

  • Hotpoint – The brand is owned by Whirlpool, but original appliances under this brand are supplied only in Europe. In the US, Canada and Mexico the brand rights are licensed by Haier. For Europe, refrigerators are manufactured in Poland. For the North American market refrigerators are made at GE plants.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston – There were two companies (American Hotpoint and the Italian concern Merloni Elettrodomestici, known under the brand Indesit), that owned the Ariston brand. In 2008 Indesit bought Hotpoint in Europe from General Electric. The Hotpoint-Ariston brand was launched in 2014 and 65% of the shares were acquired by Whirlpool. The Hotpoint-Ariston brand in Europe belongs to Indesit. Refrigerators are made in Italy and Russia.

  • Indesit – Italian company. 65% of the company’s shares belong to Whirlpool. Refrigerators are produced in factories in Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, and Turkey. Indesit also owns the brand Hotpoint-Ariston, Scholtès, Stinol, Termogamma, Ariston

  • IO MABE, MABE– The Mexican company that made refrigerators in collaboration with General Electric, produced for the North and Latin Americas markets. Now it has entered the European and the Middle East markets. Refrigerators are made in Mexico.

  • Jackys – The company is located in the United Arab Emirates. It doesn’t make home appliances itself, but orders them from third-party manufacturers and promote them with its own brand. For example, Jackys refrigerators are made in China and Turkey. It sells home appliances primarily in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Russia.

  • John Lewis – It’s a trademark owned by the UK John Lewis & Partners store network. Refrigerators are manufactured by leading manufacturers of home appliances and are sold under the John Lewis brand.

  • Jenn-Air – The US company that makes home appliances since 2006. A couple of years ago it was acquired by Whirlpool that keeps using Jenn-Air as a separate brand now.

  • Kuppersbusch – It’s a trademark owned by Teka Group Switzerland. It offers high-end home appliances, primarily to the Western European market (80% of the company’s sales). Factories are located in Europe, the US, and Asia.

  • Kelvinator – The brand is owned by Electrolux and offers a wide range of home appliances. Kelvinator refrigerators are manufactured at Electrolux plants.

  • KitchenAid – The brand is controlled by Whirlpool, KitchenAid refrigerators are manufactured at Whirlpool factories.

  • Grundig – The German company, was acquired by the Turkish concern Koç Holding back in 2007, that keeps using the Grundig brand. However, the company’s headquarters moved to Istanbul. Refrigerators are manufactured in Turkey, Thailand, Romania, Russia, and South Africa.

  • LG – The Korean company making and selling refrigerators worldwide. One of the companies that keep on introducing new technologies to refrigerators. Also note that the company has relied on inverter linear compressors usage in recent years, although their advantages are controversial. LG factories are located in Korea, China, Russia, and India. The company had plans to open a home appliances factory in the US, but currently factory in Clarksville, Tennessee is making only washing machines.

  • Liebherr – The German company making domestic refrigerators, as well as industrial refrigeration systems. Factories are located in Bulgaria, Austria, and India. Industrial refrigerators are made in Malaysia and Austria.

  • Leran – The Russian brand owned by the company Rem BytTechnika from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Refrigerators are made for order on Chinese plants and Leran is used only as a marketing brand.

  • LEC – The United Kingdom company currently owned by Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances. Nowadays, most refrigerators models are manufactured in China at Glen Dimplex factories.

  • Leisure – Owned by Turkish company Beko, that’s part of Arçelik A.Ş since 2002. Refrigerators are manufactured at Arçelik factories mainly in Turkey.

  • Lofra – An Italian company that makes kitchen appliances. In 2010, due to financial problems, the company’s controlling share was sold to an Iranian company. Lofra continues to produce home appliances, including refrigerators. Factories are located in Italy. The main markets are Europe and the Middle East.

  • LOGIK – It’s a DSG Retail Limited brand owned by Currus. Refrigerators are made by order by third-party manufacturers.

  • MAUNFELD – The brand is registered in Europe, but operates primarily on the post-Soviet state’s markets, especially in Russia. MAUNFELD refrigerators and other home appliances are made by order at various plants in Europe and China.

  • Maytag – One of the oldest home appliance brands in the United States. In 2006 the company was acquired by Whirlpool. Refrigerators are manufactured in factories in the United States, Mexico, and other Whirlpool-owned plants. Maytag owned the trademarks, which were subsequently transferred to Whirlpool: Admiral, Amana, Caloric, Dynasty, Gaffers & Sattler, Glenwood, Hardwick, Holiday, Inglis, Jade, Litton, Magic Chef, Menu Master, Modern Maid, Norge, and Sunray.

  • Magic Chef – The brand is owned by Maytag, which in turn was acquired by Whirlpool.

  • Marvel – The brand is owned by AGA Rangemaster Limited, which in turn belongs to Whirlpool corporation.

  • Midea – Chinese corporation making home appliances, including refrigerators. Made in-country is China. Media owns a wide range of previously acquired brands including Toshiba (home appliances), KUKA Germany and Eureka purchased in 2016 from Electrolux AB.

  • Miele – The German home appliances maker (family-owned company, shares are distributed between members of the family Miele and Zinkann). Home appliances factories are located in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Romania. Home appliances are supplied to the US and other countries. Miele is constantly improving production and investing in the development of new technologies, the company occupies a leading position in the segment of high-end home appliances, including high-end refrigerators.

  • Mitsubishi – The Japanese Corporation, also makes refrigerators, facilities are located in Japan and Thailand.

  • Montpellier – Is a home appliance brand registered in the UK. Refrigerators and other home appliances are made by third-party manufacturers on Montpellier’s order.

  • Neff – The German company that was bought by Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte back in 1982. Refrigerators are manufactured in Germany and Spain.

  • Nord – Ukrainian manufacturer of home appliances. Home appliances are manufactured in China in cooperation with Midea Corporation since 2016.

  • Nordmende – Since the mid-1980s, Nordmende has been owned by Technicolor SA, except for Ireland, as in Ireland, it belongs to the KAL group, which manufactures home appliances under this brand. By the way, Technicolor SA sells the right to produce goods under the Nordmende brand to various companies from Turkey, the UK, and Italy.

  • Panasonic – A Japanese company that’s making various electronics and home appliances, refrigerators are manufactured in the Czech Republic, Thailand, India (only for the domestic market), and China.

  • Pozis – A Russian brand, assembles refrigerators in Russia using Chinese components.

  • Rangemaster – A British company owned by the US company AGA Rangemaster Group Limited since 2015.

  • Russell Hobbs – A British home appliances company. At this time, manufacturing facilities have moved to East Asia.

  • Rosenlew – A Finish home appliances company that was acquired by Electrolux and keeps on selling refrigerators in Finland under Rosenlew brand.

  • Schaub Lorenz – The brand was owned by a German company C. Lorenz AG, originally a German that’s defunct since 1958. Later, the Schaub Lorenz brand was acquired by GHL Group, a company founded by Italian General Trading, Austrian HB, and Hellenic Laytoncrest. In 2015 was launched home appliances business under the Schlaub Lorenz brand. Refrigerators are made in Turkey. Company has made some attempts to enter the European market, but achieved no positive outcome.

  • Samsung – Korean company, that makes refrigerators alongside other electronics and home appliances. Refrigerators under the Samsung brand are made in Korea, Malaysia, India, China, Mexico, the US, Poland, and Russia. In order to extend its market coverage, constantly introducing new technologies and developments.

  • Sharp – A Japanese company that makes electronics and home appliances. Refrigerators are manufactured in Japan and Thailand (two-compartment side-by-side refrigerators), Russia, Turkey, and Egypt (single-zone and two-compartment).

  • Shivaki – Originally a Japanese company, owned by AGIV Group, which licenses its Shivaki trademark to various companies. Shivaki refrigerators are manufactured in Russia at the same factory as Braun refrigerators.

  • SIA – The brand is owned by Refrigerators are made for order by third-party manufacturers.

  • Siemens – The German brand owned by BSH Hausgeräte. Refrigerators are made in Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, India, Peru, and China.

  • Sinbo – The brand is owned by a Turkish company. Initially, the brand was used for small home appliances, but nowadays there’re also refrigerators presented in the product line. Refrigerators are made by order at various facilities in China and Turkey.

  • Snaige – A Lithuanian company, a controlling share was acquired by the Russian company Polair. Refrigerators are made in Lithuania and offered in the low-end segments.

  • Stinol – The Russian brand, refrigerators under Stinol brand were made since 1990 in Lipetsk. The refrigerators manufacturing under Stinol brand was defunct back in 2000. In 2016 the brand was revived and now the refrigerators under the Stinol brand are made at the Lipetsk Indesit facility, which’s owned by a Whirpool corporation.

  • Statesman – The brand is registered in the UK and is used to sell Midea refrigerators with its label.

  • Stoves – A brand owned by Glen Dimplex Home Appliance Company. Refrigerators are manufactured in many countries.

  • SWAN – The company that owned the SWAN brand went bankrupt in 1988 and the brand was acquired by Moulinex, which also went bankrupt in 2000. In 2008, Swan Products Ltd was created, which used a licensed SWAN brand until it fully acquired its rights back in 2017. The company itself has no facilities, so it’s responsive only for marketing and sales. Refrigerators under SWAN brand are manufactured by third-party manufacturers.

  • Teka – A German brand, with factories located in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, Hungary, Mexico, Venezuela, Turkey, Indonesia, and China.

  • Tesler – A Russian brand. Tesler refrigerators are made in China.

  • Toshiba – Originally a Japanese company that sold its household appliances business to a Chinese Midea corporation that keeps on making refrigerators under the Toshiba brand.

  • Vestel – Turkish brand, part of Zorlu Group. Refrigerators are manufactured in Turkey and Russia.

  • Vestfrost – Danish company making refrigerators. Acquired by Turkish Vestel back in 2008. The manufacturing facilities are located in Turkey and Slovakia.

  • Whirlpool – An American corporation that acquired a lot of home appliances and refrigerators brands. Currently, it owns the following brands and companies: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Gladiator GarageWorks, Inglis, Estate, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Ignis, Indesit, and Consul. Makesrefrigerators worldwide, one of the largest home appliances makers.

  • Xiaomi – A Chinese company, primarily known for its smartphones. In 2018, it founded the home appliances department integrated into Xiaomi’s smart home line (vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators). The company pays great attention to the quality of its products. Refrigerators are made in China.

  • Zanussi – An Italian company acquired by Electrolux back in 1985, keeps on making various home appliances, including Zanussi refrigerators. Refrigerators are made in Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, and China.

  • Zigmund & Shtain – The company is registered in Germany, but the key markets are Russia and Kazakhstan. Refrigerators are made at outsourcing factories in, China, Romania, and Turkey.